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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  December 18, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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. at noon, one of the mega million winning tickets for $635 jackpot was sold in san jose. this morning o, ktvu crews told the store owner, how much of the cut he was getting. >> million dollar. >> well, hear more from the new millionaire after he was able to process the exciting information. concerns on the air we're breathing in after 11 consecutive days of spare the air alerts. what air quality officials say
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and when residents could start to see some relief. searching for two men who ripped the atm from the location and led the police in a high-speed chase in the wrong direction. good afternoon, i'm torre campbell. at least two people in the bay area are a whole lot richer. this after one of the two winning mega millions tickets was sold in san jose. janine is at the store and talked to the owner who was one of the new millionaires. good afternoon, janine? >> good afternoon, tori. there's so much activity here in front of jenny's gift store. you could see there's media. people from the vietnamese communities that have come out and lotto officials that congratulated the owner. we're still waiting for the winner to come forward. it could be days.
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>> million dollar too. tre nguyen is 000,000- dollar richer,. >> proud of me. hugged me all night. >> nguyen was swarmed by local and national media as he opened up his shop. lottery officials called him to tell him, someone bought the ticket, one of two ticket that is will share the $628 million. >> make people happy because i'm a lottery, seller. i think i come heerk many people are happy and i'm happy. right now i got more happy. people win the jackpot. yes. >> lottery officials plastered- made here in its stores. soon, customers started to show off. >> i'm so happy for anybody who wins, come to congratulate.
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>> lottery officials plen -- presented him. >> million dollar, i think i could do whatever i want to do. i make my family happy. >> lottery officials say if the winner comes forward and takes the lump sum, it will be split with the other winner. it comes out to $173.8 million. if they take the cash out front over 30 years, comes out to $324 million. lottery officials say, whoever has the winning ticket, make sure you put your name and sign the back. it's also important that you hang on to it because they say, you will only get the money if you present the physical ticket itself. reporting live from san jose, janine della vega,. >> other ticket was bought in a newsstand inside a high-rise in atlanta. clerk has operated the stand for nine years and was the one
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who sold the ticket. she said she thought she may have sold it to someone for an employee pool. one woman says, it was not part of her pool. >> screaming up and down. the woman who purchased the ticket. she bought it for $4. i know. i'm happy to the person who did win. >> because of georgia lottery rules, clerk hsu le will not receive any bonus prize. she will get the typical 6 percent for ticket sales. renewed concerns on the air quality in the bay area. this is a live look in san jose. you could see the hazy conditions right there right now. tara spoke to officials with the bay area quality board and joins us live from the oakland hills. tara, any sign of relief? >> reporter: actually they say they are expecting wind in the next 24 hours. that could help ease the problem. meantime, you may see a lot of asthmatics using inhalers like these to help them breath.
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this is the site you don't normally see. san francisco completely envelled in smog. and let's take a look at the skyline in the south bay. gilroy and morgan hill, in particular, the brunt of the pollution. they held pe classes inside. we attended the board meeting today. officials say the south bay air was the worst in the bay area. >> it's like a bowl. it captures everything and holds it there. >> there's not much in the way to do in the way of restrictions. >> that's why we called spare the air for the entire area. if a resident is burning in napa, that will have ab effect in santa clara tomorrow. >> one in the city council attended the mealing-- meeting. recent fires, simms fire in redwood and simms fire did exacerbate the companies.
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officials are warning those with asthmatic, stay inside. >> and a better idea on the conditions and what's in the forecast for the next few days. >> i would think this is the last spare the air day. as tara touched, increase in the win. had a little sprinkle and light shower. it's confined with the fires. and hazy skies, 11 11 days in a row. and in fact it continues to stack up. i'd be shocked if we have one tomorrow. everything points to a breeze. it will form a low pressure system in southern california. it will pick up some debris. few light showers, springles, kind of evaporating before it hits the ground. some areas in the mild to warm
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side. we'll talk how cool and if it's going to last longer. >> phifer fire start around midnight sunday, near highway one in the ocean. and it has burned across 800 acres and destroyed 22 homes including the home of the big sur fire chief. officials say it's 20 percent contained. they are estimating full containment by this friday. some areas have been evacuated. no one has been hurt. the cause of the fire is under investigation. someone in san jose is warning people about package thief by posting a video of the alleged thief on youtube. the video begins with a woman getting in a white car and walking towards a house. second camera angle shows her walking toward the door and boldly putting a package from
12:08 pm in her shopping bag. the package was stolen around 3:00 p.m. officials are looking for two men who stole an atm. they led in a bridge across the bay bridge in the wrong direction. ktvu spoke with witnesses. broken chains, lots of paper and lots of debris. that's what's left after officials say two men ripped an atm, in the corner of jackson streets in san francisco. >> look out the window -- >> the commotion was so cloud, it woke him around 3:30 in the morning. that's when he and his neighbor called police before coming down for a closer look. >> and the whole thing was on its side.
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pulled the van up to the front, threw the machine in the back and a drove off. >> police say for an unknown reason, the two men drove the stolen vehicle to treasure island. officers were in pursuit. the two men ditched the vehicle on 19th and missouri street. across town, the store owner cleaned up the debris. he never seen anything like this event. >> foundation is still stable. and it's still unclear because it didn't belong to the store. in san francisco, paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. this time it involved conflicting dates on when some rules involving new hires will begin. this is according to the report in the san francisco chronicle.
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bart management had to resume negotiations due to a et heated dispute. they are expected to review the contract battle during tomorrow's meeting. a hoax that went too far. tell you about the fake report that is forcing one bay area school to staff treax security to -- extra security today. >> how the national security agency collects intelligence data.
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. officials at a san francisco school say it's been a busy week, denying a false web report that a student has been suspended for wishing a teacher merry christmas. the website, the national report, made up the story about argon elementary school. people across the country took it as true. the school had to issue a denial and town hall meeting. >> i thought it was really frustrating. a lot of time away from the school. put the school in the situation, that i thought was a little unsafe. it was frustrating. >> police have increased patrols around the schools, just in case. one teacher says there's an
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important lesson. don't believe everything you read on the internet. authorities in santa clara, registered one sex offender during a compliance sweep. 34-year-old christopher soto was taken into custody for illegal contact, total of 33 recommend sistered sex offenders. members of the public are encouraged to report any suspicious behavior by sex offenders. prayer vigil is scheduled for 13-year-old, who doctors say is brain dead after undergoing a tonsil removal surgery. the young girl remains in the intensive care unit at oakland's children's hospital much the family says, the hospital wanted to terminate life support. the family lawyer sent is sees and assist order. tonight's vigil is at the paradise baptist church in east
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oakland. investigation continues on the deadly accident. it was at 5th and market streets when the police say, the 62-year-old cyclist was hit and dragged by a truck. someone called 911 after hearing the sound of metal from the bike, scraping and realized what happened. when police stopped the big rig a few blocks away, the mangled bike was still underneath it. >> i don't think the witnesses saw when the actual impact happened. they just saw when the victim was drug under negative the truck. >> bicyclist was wearing a helmet and had flashing lights on her backpack and back. big rig was owned by elegree trucking. the first budget in three years. justin gray is tracking the developments in washington, d.c. it looks like the deal is not done just yet. . >> it's near certainty, more
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than enough votes to pass the budget deal. nothing is quite that simple in congress. . the day started here with bickering, senate's minority leaders on how to proceed with the business of the day. >> senate rules are just optional. >> republicans insisted on wasting three hours of the center's time. >> that's as we continue to wait on a vote on a budget deal that has support from members of both parties. >> do you know of another plan, another idea, another legislative proposal that will prevent them from shutting down the government again. something that i refuse to in nict. >> the budget deal will roll back across the board cuts known as seque craigs and replace them with new airline fees an reduced pensioned. two years deal that will avoid the shut dops. critics say doesn't do enough
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to address long-term deficit problems. >> compromised for the politicians. it's not a compromise for the american people. what it really does, it increases spending and increases taxes. >> senate is debating at this hour. we expect to vote as early as the next hour or two. live in washington, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, justin. president obama met with the task force designedded to interview the data collection program. sources say the task force recommended several changes. among them, limiting how much data the nsa could acquire. the task forces report, also having telephone companies and some of the third party store most of the data and put a limit on how analysts could use it. thousands of bay area families receive ingredients to the holiday meal.
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san francisco's famed glide memorial church, provided 5,000 grocery bags to needy families. bags are filled with fresh poultry, rice and beans and vegetables. the reverend, since the giveaways began 30 years ago, the need has not diminished. >> all kinds of folks in need and they want some response, so we've provided that significant response without any hesitation and it's worked. it's worked every year and will continue to work. >> inside the church, volunteers stayed busy filling up the give away bags. donations are still needed including food, unwrapped toys and cash donation. >> cloud cover, kind of gave us a nice sun rise and continued into noon. we have two systems. one, just kind of came sneaking from the southwest. given us a partly cloudy, nice
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sky. also a few sprinkles, light showers. had some down monterey. few in the north bay, to sonoma. north bay, no doubt about it, around the bay, things looking good. there may not be one. we'll get the breeze to kick in. see the cloud cover, embedded in that. see the rain fall. then it evaporates before it hits the ground. partly sunny, partly cloudy. this is the system responsible for kicking it out of here. the system coming in tonight, few showers, will get a wind advisory. tomorrow, it will be breezy. it will be cooler for most locations. we've been way above average on the temps. antioch, east bay and parts of hayward, looks like fremont, and liver more. it could be a few little sprinkles or big drops. 54 in tahoe.
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55, and everyone is pretty close. one system will move down, this one will move in. see the warmth, and it will crank our breeze late tonight, to tomorrow. cooler pattern and much better air quality. partly cloudy, few hit or miss showers possible. we'll see the breeze kick in, tonight and tomorrow. lows will get colder as we head to friday morning, saturday morning. 50s and 60s. partly cloudy, partly sunny. and most of the temperatures, in the fist teats, few 60s. temperatures are going to cool off in the next couple of days. it looks likes a slow rebound in the highs. no rain in sight. windy and cooler on thursday. cold for us friday morning. gradual warning. and out for christmas, and beyond, looks very dry, and big snow storm on tap for next weekend. >> not happening.
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>> thank you. >> you get. reason the college af and t game will make history. partnership between niners and a neighbor will advance technology.
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. markets are up sharply right now, taking a live look at the big board. dow up 250, 16,126.
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nasdaq is up 22. s&p is up 24. the main reason why, after month of waiting in the last hour, the federal reserve announced it will reduce the $85 billion a month in bond purchases by ten billion. this is due to a stronger u.s. job market. it will take further steps to reduce the pace next year but only if the improvement continues. to cushion the impact on financial markets, fed plans to hold the key near zero, well past the time when unemployment falls 6.5 percent. right now it's at 7 percent. powered by intel. that could be the ticket to the 49ers new stadium. it's to provide advanced technology in computers, bed devices, sensors and security and equipment. this will be an intel plaza, offering what the company
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calls, sand experience zone. 49ers are scheduled to begin playing there next year. at and t park will make history. this year's contest will have two female officials. they will be part of a crew, from conference usa, officiating a game between byu and washington. it will be the first time two women will be the same. they had four female officials. first time women made up the majority of a college football officiating pool. oakland police department passing out gifts with the help of santa. >> cute little guy, isn't he? this is the police chief that came along with us. >> underneath the santa outfit, is officer jim gordon, passing out toys for children, with the help of the chief and a few officers. this is department's 7th annual
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toy giveaway called motor santa. it's purchased by the employees of the traffic division and police motorcycle drill team. 200 children from deserving families are getting new wheels thanks to an anonymous donation thanks to the firefighters toy program. the bikes are being assembled by volunteers and expert bike builders from mike's bikes. they will be given to children who wrote in asking for a bike from santa. don'ter surprised, getting a gift. >> kids are super excited. they don't know they will get a bicycle. it's very exciting for them and for us to see that take place. >> firefighters toy program expects to hand out 40,000 toys on sunday. if you would like to do i dough nate a toy or new bike, they can be dropped off at any san
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francisco fire house. we're sticking out the san jose store, where one of the tickets was sold for the mega millions jackpot. we're trying to learn more about the winner who could be right here in the bay area and we're just hearing the atlanta winner of the mega millions jackpot has just come forward. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. see you next time your news breaks. we're always here for you at wouldn't it be nice if there was a wireless company
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